Is the Pool Heated
Yes the pool has boilers and the target temperature is 83F but this can vary due to outside weather conditions and how long the covers have been off.

Can you book
There is no pre booking system. We have a limit on the numbers in the water so it is fairer to all for first come first served. As we are only open for 14 weeks a year the cost associated with online booking is disproportionate to the benefit.

Are private bookings available
Private sessions are available outside of normal opening times. We never cancel a time tabled session in order to accept a private booking.

Who operates the Pool
The pool is run by a charity whose sole purpose is the operation of the pool. We are supported by Durham County Council and Weardale Area Partnership but rely on volunteers. Without enough volunteer effort the pool would close. Contact info@stanhopepool.co.uk for more information or to get involved.

Do you have lockers
Our lockers got too rusty and had to be removed and we have not managed to secure enough funds to replace them. Please give generously.